Control Arm

  • The upper control arms (UCA’s) are stronger than the stock arms and are 100% bolt-on. 
  • 4130 chromoly tubular upper control arms are includes 1" I.D. uniballs that feature a heat treated stainless steel ball & heat treated stainless steel race for maximum corrosion resistance and component longevity. 
  • The UCA’s are a direct fit and will work on trucks that are have leveling kits, or lift kits. 
  • It is a must have to add strenth and performance to your truck while on or off road. 
  • Weak OEM ball joints present problems by limiting suspension travel potential, especially when using 2” or more lift on your truck. 
  • The UCA is allowing for smooth and clean wheel travel without worrying about factory ball joint bind, also correct alignment geometry on lifted applications.